Interfaith is a vibrant and meaningful response to the changing spiritual needs of our times. It helps to meet the deep yearning many of us have for connection and spiritual expression. Here in Ireland we are keenly aware of the changing spiritual landscape. One Spirit Interfaith is not a new religion but draws on Universal Principles that underpin the great spiritual and sacred religious traditions. As One Spirit Interfaith Ministers we are open minded, open hearted men and women who feel we belong to an inclusive global spirituality and are not bound by any one creed. We are committed to celebrating life, to spiritual awakening and to exploring life’s deeper meanings. Our ordained ministers offer a diverse range of ministries including sacred ceremonies, rituals, spiritual guidance / counselling and healing. Ministers are also engaged in leading retreats, running meditation groups, teaching, and public speaking.

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We welcome every individual, regardless of their background and belief. Feel free to explore our site by clicking the tabs above and see how we can meet your sacred, ceremonial and spiritual needs.