All our One Spirit Interfaith Ministers are authorised to solemnise weddings and so can legally marry you as well as provide a beautiful bespoke ceremony


The role of the One Spirit Interfaith Minister is to help you as couple reflect deeply about the purpose of your relationship, the vision for your life together and how you would like to express your intentions in your wedding ceremony.

What’s particularly wonderful about an Interfaith ceremony is that we offer you complete freedom and flexibility in choosing your content.

Each ceremony is a personal reflection of who you are as a couple and where you are heading together.
You can create your own vows and work with your Celebrant to design a meaningful ceremony which can include your favourite readings and music.

You and your Celebrant will agree on any meetings you would like (in person, by phone or on Skype) and agree the process for completion of the various drafts.

You may want to include any or all of the following in your ceremony:

⚜ Music and entrance
⚜ Welcome/Introduction
⚜ Invocation
⚜ Candle Lighting
⚜ Remembrances
⚜ Readings/music
⚜ The address
⚜ Declaration of no impediment (needed for a legal marriage)
⚜ Expression of intent (needed for a legal marriage)
⚜ Handfasting ritual
⚜ Vows
⚜ Blessings and exchanging of rings
⚜ Prayer of blessing
⚜ Reading
⚜ Final blessing
⚜Signing of Marriage Registration Form (needed for a legal marriage)
 Celebration music

These are only suggestions of course. Apart from the legal requirements the ceremony will be created to include exactly what you both want. Typically a ceremony would be 30 – 45 minutes.


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