How do I register my marriage?

  1. Check that the Minister you want is available on your proposed date.
  2. Make an appointment with the local Registrar on a date no less than three months prior to your wedding date, ( eg if your wedding date is 1st May the appointment must be scheduled for a date before the 1st of February ) see details of local registration centres, for documentation required and costs. You will be asked for the venue and the name of your Celebrant so give the full name and say they are from One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. All of our Ministers are on the Register of Solemnisers.
  3. Once all your documentation is complete and has been checked you will be given your Marriage Registration Form which you will need to give to your chosen Minister before your Ceremony. NB You can meet with the Registrar first to give notification of your intent to marry and add the name of the Celebrant at a later date if you wish
  4. After your wedding you have 1 month in which to return your completed Marriage Registration Form to the Registrar.