A ceremony is an occasion to express joy and appreciation and unite all those who are present in a common purpose. Whatever people’s beliefs, ceremony can be a very powerful way of integrating and honouring new experiences, life changes and personal commitments. Whatever the occasion, our Ministers will work with you to create a ceremony which is meaningful, contains your favourite writings and music, and which will give you lasting memories.

Wedding Blessings

If you have already legalised your marriage and
would like a Wedding Blessing Ceremony in Ireland
then we can create a beautiful sacred and personal ceremony
which can be carried out at ANY venue of your choice – indoors or outdoors.


Civil Partnerships

We are more than happy to work with same sex couples in blessing their Civil Partnership.
We help the couple to reflect on their commitment to each other and support them in creating their own unique ceremony to bless their partnership.

At the moment the HSE are the only Registrars who can solemnise a Civil Partnership.


Anniversary and Renewal of Vows

This ceremony is a wonderful way of celebrating a special Anniversary,
made especially meaningful with a renewal of vows.

We will work with the couple to create their own unique ceremony that reflects their journey so far and their continuing commitment to each other.


Baby Welcoming, Baby Blessing and Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a baby is a magical and awesome experience for a family. A welcoming, blessing or naming ceremony is a beautiful way to consciously sanctify the entrance of a wondrous being into the world.


It is to give thanks for the miracle of new life, to support the parent(s) in stepping into parenthood consciously with love and clarity. It is a ceremony of great celebration, gratitude and joy.
Everyone can take part in the ceremony – siblings, grandparents and the extended family. This creates a lovely sense of the baby’s arrival and welcome into the family and helps to renew and strengthen family ties.

Songs, music, dance, poems, and short stories may be included and you can have the ceremony anywhere – a house, a garden, a local hall. A ceremony may be carried out for children of any age.


Funerals and Memorial Services

Interfaith Ministers offer a meaningful Funeral Service so people can be comforted by each other through the shared love they have for the deceased.

The funeral offers an opportunity to remember that even though the physical body dies, memories of shared love are eternal and can never fade.

Together with the family, the Minister will create a service which is sensitive to the beliefs of all, and which will provide comfort and healing at a time of great sadness.

A meaningful funeral or memorial service is important for marking the completion of a life and to help those left behind to release their loved one. We can support you in meeting the needs and beliefs of the deceased, together with those of the grieving family and friends.
Funeral services can be carried out at the funeral home, crematorium or a venue of your choice.

We can also conduct a service at the Wake of your loved one and at the graveside.

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Rites of Passage: Adolescence, Menopause, Retirement, Emigrating Adolescence

Rites of passage in adolescence are a cross-cultural phenomenon and mark the transition from childhood into adulthood.This ceremony is life affirming for the young girl or boy as they enter this time of huge transition which is often full of turmoil.
We can create a ceremony to support and offer encouragement to the young person while honouring the major changes that are going on in their lives.

Celebrating the Menopause


In the past there was a huge respect for older people, their years of life experiences had given them wisdom and knowledge that was recognised and used for teaching and for decision making in the community. As a mother, a woman has brought her own children into the world and nurtured and loved them into adulthood. She is the matriarch filled and imbued with all the wonderful experiences of the joys and hardships of life. A ceremony to celebrate the menopause is a wonderful opportunity to honour and celebrate all the aspects of a woman’s life.
Similar ceremonies can be created for retiring and emigrating.


Other Ceremonies

Healing | Celtic Seasonal Ceremonies: Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lunasa | House Blessings | Divorce

Our Interfaith Ministers are happy to support all who wish to have a celebration or blessings of any kind. We will work with you to ensure you have the unique ceremony you wish to celebrate your special event.